MAIER Interim 

Interim  Management | Project Consulting


Competencies & Working areas

Industry experience

• Mechanical and plant engineering

• Digitization, automation, robotics

• Building security technology

• Building technology & automation

• Automotive

• Electromechanical products

• Machining technology

• Sheet metal processing

• Plastics processing

• Furniture industry (sheet steel furniture)


• 35 years of professional experience in the operational area

• 20 years of international leadership experience

• Management

• Management of international locations in EMEA

• Operations Manager / Production & Plant Management

• Construction management

• Head of industrialization

• Head of prototyping / testing / laboratory

• Additive manufacturing (3D printing, laser sintering (SLM), PIM ...) 

Interim management

• Management of organizations in the role of GL, COO, CTO, WL, PL

• Development and management of transformation processes:

  Restructuring, further development of processes and

  Production processes, digitization and automation of the

  Value chain, change management

• Optimization and further development of the development,

  Construction and industrialization process

Project management

• Development and setting up of customer, product development

  and organizational development projects

• Direction and management of projects in the areas

  Engineering, digitization, automation, innovative

  Production technology as well as mechanical and plant engineering


• Development, management and implementation of projects to achieve

  of increasing efficiency and growth targets


Performance Consulting

• Implementation of actual analyzes and development of concepts for

  Increase in performance and achieve efficiency and


• Consulting for considerations, planning and implementation of

  Digitization, automation and innovation projects

• Support of the organization and employees through transformation


• Implementation of workshops and training courses to accompany

  the activities or independently on topics by agreement (e.g.

  Change management) 

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